Monday, April 13, 2009

New Life!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. This year was pretty special to us for so many reasons. This is the first year that we have really been involved in a church that we could truly call our home. My mother in law (Shelly), Eric and I got the privilege of teaching Ansley's Sunday School class. We had 15 or so kids ranging in age from 5-12. It was such a joy to teach them the lesson and know that they actually got the true message of Easter. And I can say I learned some things too :) It was so much fun!
We went to my parents house for all the family fun and great food. The kids hunted Easter eggs despite the wind. We now have a huge basket full of candy that will never be eaten. We still have candy from Christmas (I guess its time to throw that away).
Ansley is holding a confetti egg and can't wait to hit someone on the head with it :)
Kinley loved the confetti eggs ...... she walked around saying "head please". She looks worried but I promise she was laughing!
On to other things. I thought you might all need a Bridgette fix. I got to watch the girls 3 days last week so you know I took lots of pictures! She is such a good baby! She coos all the time and I even got her to laugh at me. So cute! I think she looks more and more like Haley with blue eyes :)
No this is not a picture of a turkey though that's what it looks like. It is the biggest blessing we could ever ask for! We are having a baby! I am 15 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good. This one has been much easier then Ansley was. Another blessing. But I didn't think there was a better day to share this new life with everyone then the time when Jesus Christ died to give us all new life. He died for our sins so that one day we can all live an eternity with him! So celebrate your new life! I know we have lots to celebrate!