Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We have been very busy doing all the fun Christmas stuff we can fit in. I just love this time of year. We went to Vintage's (Nona's Old Work) Winter Wonderland to see Santa Steve. I think it makes it so much more special when Santa actually knows your name. Ansley kinda caught on while we were there. She saw Donna (Steve's Wife) and Santa walk away together and she asked me "Is Santa Donna's Husband Steve" What can I say .... I lied! She took me at my word and didn't think twice about it :) She is so literal, everything is so black and white to her!

What a great picture of these two! It was really cold while we were waiting to ride the horse drawn carriage.

Kinley finally loves her Uncle Eric. Its so cute to hear her say his name!

Silly Kinzie!!! So glad you came with us!

This was my favorite picture.... we told her to kiss the elf and she just thought that was absurd! I just love her laugh!

Art (if you want to call it that)

The fun things you can do at Grandma's House. My middle sister Mickinzie is home on Christmas break from A&M. I know I know an Aggie! But we love her anyway and are way proud of her!

This was a piece of art worked on by many. My mother, Brother Cole and Ansley. Sadly I just watched and laughed! At least they are washable markers right?!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Polar Express......

For all the family and friends who don't know what this was ..... We got to take a ride on the Polar Express to the North Pole :) Our seats were on the upper deck of train #2 so it rocked back and forth alot (Kinley kept saying WEEE! AGAIN!). On the way to the North Pole they dimmed the lights and told the story of the Polar Express. We were served hot chocolate and sugar cookies just like in the movie. It took us all the way to the North Pole where we picked up Santa and a few elves. Santa visited with all the kids.... which was so fun. He took his time with each kid and gave them all a pretty silver bell to keep. Ansley was thrilled that she could still hear hers ring! The elves led us in a few Christmas carols and asked if any kids wanted to help. You guessed it ..... Ansley was right up there where the microphone was singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as loud as she could. It was so cute! She was just the perfect age for all this. Though I have to say I did enjoy it too! They ended it with dancing in the isles to the Hot Chocolate song from the movie.

Our girls in there matching PJs!

Our very own Cindy Loo Who :)

I love this picture!

Very serious singing!

Dancing the night away!
A few days ago Ansley said to her Nona (Shelly) that a few of the boys in her Sunday school class said that Santa wasn't real. Anlsley's reply was "I don't think Santa is real ...... I KNOW he is!"

Oh and she was so funny last night ..... After we had the amazing time on the Polar Express we went to eat with all the family and the friends that went with us. Ansley was eating at the end of the table with a little boy (hes in 1st grade) named Camden. Ansley tells the waiter I would like a Dr. Pepper (I know Gasp! I let my daughter have a coke when we go out to eat.... don't tell all the other perfect mothers out there) with two straws please. Then tells him she would like chicken strips and turns to Camden and says "Do you know what you want, you want chicken too right" So she turns to the waiter and says "He'll have the same". What can I say she will be a great wife one day :) My baby isn't a baby anymore! I have much more to blog about but don't have the time right now. So this is all for now! I hope you all are having as much fun this Christmas Season as we are.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday to Me! to Me!

Two posts in one day...... I know crazy! But I had to blog about my wonderful birthday. It started off getting up at the crack of dawn to be at a worship team meeting by 7. So it was early but so worth it. Then from there I went to pick up Ansley from Haley's house. We got ready for the day and headed over to Connie's for Ladies Bible Study Lunch. She made me a special lunch and fabulous cheesecake. She knows me well :) The ladies were so sweet with cards and gifts but what meant the most were the kind words they said. I love them all and I'm so blessed to have such wonderful women to call my friends. We came home and Ansley took her nap. To which she said she wasn't sleepy..... 3 hrs later I had to wake her up. She just cant get over this cold thing (its 75 degrees one day and 40 the next) Gotta love Lubbock :) Then for dinner my mother in law took us to Carinos for dinner. It was so tasty!!! Eric took flowers there earlier in the day so they brought them out to me at the table. I know! I know! How sweet is he?! It was a great day!

I love Flowers!!!!!! Are they not beautiful?!

And isn't this beautiful?! I got this lovely gift from my Dad and Barbie on Sunday for my birthday. (I did ask for it and I did pick it in Pink) I love Pink! I'm so excited to use it! Cookies here I come!
Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes and making it special. I love you all!

December in Texas

Not many places have days of 75 degree weather in December :) So we take full advantage of it!
Haley, Kinley, Ansley, Abby and I went to a park called Legacy Play Village. The girls had lots of fun and we had fun watching them!

The sun was in my way of this very cute picture.