Friday, June 19, 2009

Gotta love Elvis!

Congrats to my little sister Haley for getting married :) There was a total of 18 people who made it to Las Vegas to witness the Elvis performed wedding. It was so much fun! We stayed in the fabulous Mandalay Bay (WOW) what a great hotel! I wish I had pics with Elvis but they have been ordered and trust me I will share when I get them. So funny!This was just before the bachelorette and bachelor parties. The guys played it safe and went to Dick's Last Resort (its a restaurant) then Coyote Ugly (it was to wild for them) then to the Piano Bar at the New York Hotel. Us girls on the other hand went to eat at some fancy Mexican food place (I don't know the name) and then to see The Thunder From Down Under. Yep we did! Then we walked around with these cards making them do silly things. We all had a fun time!
The wedding was at Graceland Chapel. Elvis sang 3 songs. It was all short and sweet. They literally push you out the side door when its over so they can marry the next couple. So Funny! Haley looked amazing! I didn't take very many pictures I relied on everybody else. I haven't received any from anybody yet (but I haven't emailed the ones I have to others either :))
After the wedding we went to the Venetian where the happy couple took a romantic ride on the gondola. As romantic as it can be with everyone in the whole place taking your picture. But it was pretty special :) After that we had a very fancy meal at our hotel. Then we all made it down to Fremont street where we walked (I got pushed in a wheel chair) around and gambled a little and they had there picture taken by strangers LOTS! (just a thought.... what do you do with random peoples wedding pictures when you get home) All in all it was a great day!
And the only other picture I have on my camera is of my sweet sweet husband on our last long day in Vegas by the hooter race car. Yep we are so redneck that Elvis married my sister and my husband likes Nascar :) It was so much fun and I cant wait to go again!