Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pretty Pictures

Hey guys,
Sorry my last post was really a downer. But I thought I would update you all...... Im doing alot better. I havent left the house the last two days and Eric has been waiting on me hand and foot. I want to thank you all for the prayers I know that its the only way I have made it through so far. Thanks Connie for phil 4:13. He does give me strength. I have an apt. with an orthopedic Dr. on Sept 11. Yes thats 17 days away!!! So needless to say I am going to take it easy. I have had lots of help from our great family. I cant thank you guys enough!!!!

On to happier things...... my littlest sister (Abby 9) and Ansley had there pictures taken by a friend of the family on Friday night. He just likes to take pictures and the girls had these fabulous dresses. They are Haley's flower girl dresses. As you will see they are every girls dream. When they had them on it was hard to get them to stop twirling. Thats how I came up with my blog name. If you know Ansley she is always moving, dancing, twirling. So that pretty much sums up our lives ..... we are just twirling along. They had so much fun. I am going to have Kinley and Ansleys picture taken with Denae (I have a link to her page on the left so you can take a look at her pictures) they are amazing. Im so excited! I love pictures!!! Heres a few from Friday...

She was talking to me :)

Arnt they really pretty girls?! They had lots of fun. This is only a few of them I have others on my myspace page I cant wait to print them off!
Again I just want to say thank you for all that you guys have done for us. It doesnt go unnoticed! Have a GREAT week!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stupid Bone Spurs

Ooops Im not supossed to say stupid :) This is long and maybe boring to some but its much easier to type this than call all the people that want to know how yesterday went :) So bare with me! As some of you know I FINALLY went to the Dr. yesterday for my hip. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about.... I have had bone spurs in my left hip for well I really don't know how long. When I had Ansley they got REALLY bad. So for the past four years I have just been dealing with it. Ive had good days and bad days but lately they have all been really bad days. Its gotten to where I cant do hardly anything and end up in bed for the rest of the day. So from much pushing from family and friends I went to the Dr. They took x-rays and came back in the room and asked "how long have you been living this way"? She said that there is not even a little cartilage in my joint and I need to go have a MRI to see all the damage and see where we go from there. So I go for the MRI and I just want to say it was probably the worst thing I have ever gone through. Ok thats exaggerating but it was in the top 3 :) I'm sure your like all you do is lay there. Well laying flat on my back is really painful but then they wanted me to point my toes inward.... my left one just doesnt to that. So she taped my feet together!!!! I had to lay there for 30 minutes. I almost didnt make it. I had tears running down my face but I just kept praying and saying Im going to make it, Im not going to do this again. Needless to say I was out of commission for the rest of the day :) But thats also why Im writing all this.... God has giving me great gifts in the people in my life. My brother Cole watched Ansley in the morning for the first Dr and then Haley came to watch her in the afternoon. While she was here she vacuumed and took out the trash for me (I love this girl) most of you think thats no big deal but to me it was such a blessing! Eric came home as soon as he could and made supper and was very sweet all night (well hes always pretty sweet) he just was extra nice to me :) As much as they help I have a really hard time excepting it. That's my job and I feel like a failure when I cant do it.
I hate that Ansley has to ask all the time if I'm all right, do you need your cane, can you tuck me in tonight. I think it was at the mother daughter tea party Ansley was talking to Ruth and she asked Ansley about playing with me or something like that and Ansley said "well we can play games and stuff but mom cant play Polly pockets or barbies with me on the floor cause it hurts her too bad to be on the floor". It broke my heart to know I'm limiting her relationship with me. Ruth was so sweet and said that her mom was the same but they could do other fun things together. She always knows what to say. Again another blessing to me.
Well I will get the results from that horrible test later today or tomorrow and then we will see where to go from here. She was pretty sure it will be some kind of surgery. So for those of you that pray I would love those prayers because I really don't want surgery. Thanks for listening and praying for me. I will keep you all updated. You are all a blessing to me!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here goes!

Well I finally decided to be one of the "cool kids"(thanks Ruth)and start a blog. I know you are all so glad :) I was recently looking through old photos... they couldn't be that old.... Ansley is only 4. But that is exactly my point...... there are so many things I think there is no way I could forget this. But 3 years later I try to remember times when they happened and I cant remember how old she was or where we were when she did this really cute thing. So hence here is our blog. I'm not sure how often I will post or if this is just a passing phase with me. I have promised myself I will not go back and edit these, they will be direct thoughts from my head to the keyboard. So those of you that know me ...... this could go anywhere :) My thoughts tend to jump from topic to topic. My sister (also best friend) Haley is pretty much the only one who can follow my conversations ALL the time. Even Eric looks at me like "where in the world did that come from". But those of you know me .....truly know me.... you know you love me. If anything you will get a good laugh at the way my head works. I cant wait to look at this years from now and say WOW I'm so glad I did this. I have a scrapbook of Ansley and after saving all living things in a fire it would have to be next! I know you are picturing a fire escape route printed out on my fridge saying get the kid, dog then scrapbook!!!! No I don't have a fire escape route printed out on my fridge. Some of you thought I did cause I'm just a little anal and organized. You know you did :) But I love how it has frozen a moment in time that I will have forever. So I hope this will do the same. I also want this to be a way for our family all over the place to keep up with our ever changing lives. So leave your random thoughts in my comments and let me know what ya think :) I will blog again soon. I cant wait to start! Love to you all!