Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Corndogs, Doctors and God

Its been a while and not much has been going on here. It makes it kinda hard to be exciting when we have to stay home 90% of the time. But on Monday we took the girls to the fair. We ate corndogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy (Ansley) and corn on the cob. That's the only reason to go to the fair ....hello the food! Well and to let the girls go to the petting zoo. I was really excited to see Kinley but she was a little disappointing. She had fun but she wasn't as thrilled as I thought she would be. Ansley said something pretty cute I thought...... we were in line at our church's corndog stand and Ed (our pastor) was talking to her through the window and told Ansley "I have a corn dog with your name on it". Well a little later while eating my very literal daughter said to me with all seriousness "Ed said this corn dog would have my name on it" and obviously it didn't. :) All in all it was a good time.

I went to the Dr for my pre op visit yesterday and to my pre surgery class. There is this whole other world out there for hip replacement people that I had no idea even existed. It went pretty good except there was alot of walking. Eric asked me why I didn't ask for a wheel chair....... well to be honest (I'm always honest) the thought never crossed my mind. I told Eric there would have been no one to push me and you know my measly arm muscles wouldn't get me very far :) Ansley stayed the night with her Nona since my appointment was at 9. She had a blast. When Shelly brought her back Ansley crashed on my bed with me for about an hour. For those of you who know Ansley .........that is very rare. She was so cute. If I could have gotten out of bed I would have taken a picture. When she was asleep like that I couldn't help think how little she still is ..... its only when shes asleep though. When shes awake she talks all the time and that's when you forget shes only 4. I love how her little mind works!

Last night like I said I couldn't get out of bed. I have never felt pain like I did last night. Never! It started when I went to the fair (I know I shouldn't have gone but seeing Ansley and Kinley there is something I could never get back) and then the Drs yesterday. I didn't have time to get better. By last night I had taken every kind of medicine I had and nothing would put a dent in it. I told Eric if I didn't get any relief in an hour we were going to the hospital and they could just knock me out. The meds I had were the strongest you can get and they did nothing. I finally turned to him! God! Why I do that when I can no longer take it I don't know.I should start there! I guess I try it my way first, second and on and on until I finally give up and give it to him. I don't know if others out there are the same but I like to control everything. And hes telling me I cant control him. He wants to be with me in every moment of every day. So I'm laying there crying (which I hate to do) and I told Eric to call my mother in law and ask her to pray for me. So Eric, Shelly, Lisa and I prayed and I would love to say I was immediately healed but I wasn't. Not that I don't think he could have if he wanted to. But I did get relief, my pain was bearable. I got some sleep and I am feeling a little better today. Ansley and I are having a movie day......laying around coloring, watching movies and cuddling. Shes so funny I told her we were going to stay in our pjs all day ....... she asked a million questions like am I going to do her hair, do I get to take a bath (I said if you want) she decided not to and this might be a good day after all. So today I'm thanking God for the love he has for me and the strength I have found through him and asking for forgiveness for all the things I try to do on my own. Thank you all for all your prayers...... I feel loved!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Weekends are the Best

Hello all..... I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. It was a time for rest and catching up with family for us. Its such a change for us that Eric gets the day off and actually gets payed too. He still really enjoys his job. Such a blessing! Saturday morning my dad picked up Ansley to spend the day together. They went to the lake and rode around on the boat and she actually got on the inner tube! Crazy huh?! She ended up staying the night with our Aunt Sheri and Uncle Robert. She had a blast!! Eric went to the Tech game with Haley and then went to dinner with some friends of ours. He had lots of fun too. We love watching college football. My mother in law Shelly came and watched movies with me. She felt sorry for me :) I'm loved! She even watched a "chick flick". That's saying alot she loves those shoot em up movies! But it was great just having some girl time with her. She always lifts me up! Not literally... Id break her back ! :) The rest of the time we just visited with our families. It was really great to see everyone.

She looks thrilled :) But she really did have fun!

Uncle Robert's the best!

Now to the no fun stuff...... I have been to a few doctors (luckily I didn't have to wait till Sept 11th). Its all in who you know :) and I have great family and friends! But a long story short I'm going to have a total hip replacement on Sept 29th. To be honest I'm pretty scared. Ive never had to have surgery of any kind and the fact that they have to cut off part of my bone and put metal things in its place is pretty freaky :) But I have no choice in the matter. My bone is already fusing to my pelvis and apparently that's not good. I really like my Dr he definitely has my best interest at heart.
Theres lots of other details so if any of my medical family and friends want the details you can give me a call :) Thanks again for all the prayers! Special thanks for the pics Heather and to Sheri for sitting with me for hours at Doctors offices. Love you all!!!